Hotel at Home organises two events every year for the stakeholders of the hospitality industry. In the spring the Hotel at Home Year Event takes place. During this two-day event we visit new, inspiring hotel concepts in Amsterdam and visit the Independent Hotel Show. It is all about networking, inspiration and of course a culinary journey.

Later in the year we organise an international Trend Tour. We visit an inspiring city full of new hospitality concepts. In Berlin, London and Lisbon we visited a great variety of unique, new and inspiring locations. During this three-day event it is all about inspiration and making new connections.

For each event an exclusive group of hoteliers ór (interior) architects are invited to explore the cities with us.

Hotel at Home offers a network platform for companies as well as professionals who are active within the hotel industry, to exchange thoughts, do business and share knowledge. Hotel at Home welcomes a wide variety of decision makers during its events; from architect to project designer, from General Manager to investor.

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